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Your vision is our mission. MOD Commerce leads the way in modern commerce solutions that transform customer experiences through technological innovation, integrity, and impact. Partner with us, your trusted guide, to future-proof your business, outperform your competition, and realise your full revenue potential.

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The Building Blocks of Smart Commerce

Mission statement for MOD Commerce

Our Mission

Helping commerce businesses fundamentally shift their productivity and communication abilities so they can work smarter, sell more, and grow strategically.

Vision statement for MOD Commerce

Our Vision

To be the leading enterprise-level full service commerce solution provider, with unparalleled personalisation and customer service. 

At MOD Commerce, we believe in empowering modern businesses with the building blocks they need to do more with less. MOD Commerce is the leading small business and enterprise-level full service commerce solution provider. We provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed, including unrivalled personalisation and customer service. Our platform is purpose-built to streamline workflow, communication, and creativity. With MOD Commerce, commerce businesses can focus on what they do best – facilitating retail and providing amazing customer experiences.

The Team

Craig Maconnachie
Craig Maconnachie

CTO & Founder

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Archie Fraser
Archie Fraser


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Greg Duncan
Greg Duncan


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Alexandra Morris
Alexandra Morris


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Eve Chen
Eve Chen


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The MOD Commerce Difference

With MOD Commerce, we promise to deliver the following at every turn:

Improved Processes: MOD Commerce tools provide comprehensive visibility into your internal and external processes, helping you work smarter, sell more, communicate better, and make decisions faster. 

Customer Centric: We are a people-first software company. We treat your business as our own; your goals are our goals and we make it our mission to be responsive, helpful, and attentive to help you get the most out of our tools.

Personalisation: Our tools are intuitive and user-friendly but customisable to fit your precise business needs, and more importantly, to support your unique business goals.

High-Performance: We believe in helping you do a lot in short amounts of time. Our software is built to surpass the speed, efficiency, and output of other solutions on the market. 

Increased Efficiency: As a business owner, one of your greatest assets is time. We help you get your time back so you can focus on what matters most while having the ability to move at lightning speed. 

Customer Success Stories

Trusted by Small to Enterprise Business Owners Around the World

See how MOD Commerce has helped organisations of different size, industries, and stages implement the tools they need to grow their sales and streamline their operations.

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Precision Golf Drives Business Growth Through Streamlined Operations

With plans to build the world's largest indoor driving range, Precision Golf turned to Mod Commerce for an all-in-one solution to unify systems and match their ambitious vision. By integrating POS, e-commerce, memberships, bookings and more onto a single platform, Precision Golf established a digital infrastructure enabling rapid expansion. Within 5 years they tripled memberships without adding staff and opened new locations, now providing a smooth omni-channel experience exceeding customer expectations.

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Savoy Salon Supplies Unifies Systems to Increase Visibility and Drive Growth

Wholesale supplier Savoy Salon Supplies sought to modernise operations and expand their business online. By implementing Ngage’s unified commerce platform encompassing ecommerce, POS, inventory, shipping, and more, Savoy established the digital infrastructure to grow their 6000+ product catalogue across 200+ brands. Within 15 months of adoption, Ngage increased visibility online and in-store, optimised workflows, and afforded new sales channels to boost Savoy’s retail business in an effective, affordable way.

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