Simplify Multichannel Selling with 
MOD eCommerce

Disconnected systems make omnichannel eCommerce a struggle. MOD Commerce eCommerce streamlines multi-channel selling - automate processes, integrate data across channels, and deliver seamless customer experiences, all on one intelligent platform built for modern retailers.

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Simplify Multichannel Selling with MOD eCommerce

Unify Channels

Unify Channels

Manage every aspect of multichannel eCommerce - sales, inventory, fulfilment, accounting - in a single interface. Effortlessly produce multiple high-quality websites.

Automate Fulfilment

Automate Fulfilment

Revolutionise order processing with seamless dispatch, integrated shipping carrier rates, and label printing - all directly within the MOD platform.

Integrate Everywhere

Integrate Everywhere

Publish products to leading marketplaces at the click of a button. Automatically sync inventory, orders, and pricing across all your channels.

Financial Intelligence

Financial Intelligence

Get integrated accounting reports for profit, sales, and more. Payments from all sales channels are automatically reconciled with your preferred accounting system, saving hours of manual work.

Site Scalability

Site Scalability

Easily produce and manage unlimited high-performance eCommerce websites to support your growing business.

Features that streamline the selling process

Marketplace Selling

Sell through Amazon, ebay without duplication.

Effortlessly list products on your business eBay and/or Amazon accounts with a single button press in MOD Commerce, eliminating duplication of effort. Sales recorded on Amazon or eBay are seamlessly reflected back in MOD Commerce CMS, ensuring accurate sales tracking and automatic adjustments to stock levels. Streamline your online sales process with ease and efficiency.

Calculate Tax

Ensuring sales tax is applied appropriately.

MOD Commerce adapts to diverse tax jurisdictions, charging sales tax only to consumers in the same tax region as the online business.

Easily configure tax settings in the system, including reference examples, ensuring compliance and simplicity in the online purchasing process.

Shipping Calculation & Providers

Provide your customers with real time shipping costs.

MOD Commerce uses shipping company APIs for real-time cost calculations, providing customers with accurate total purchase costs. In the absence of an API, a manual process is supported. Some shipping companies offer weight/volume cost matrices for product input, ensuring flexibility in cost transparency.

Basket Dropout

Reducing Basket Drop Out Rates.

Improves user experience by saving incomplete order data, allowing for easy resumption.

An automatic email reminder encourages customers to complete their purchase, reducing friction and boosting the likelihood of successful transactions.

On Account Customers

Managing customers with credit accounts made easy.

With MOD Commerce's Quoting functionality, customers on account arrangements or company representatives can create orders from start to delivery, bypassing online payment. This feature caters to retailers and wholesalers managing credit and cash-only clientele within the same platform, providing flexibility and convenience.

Currency Management

Sell your products and services across the globe.

Simplifies international transactions by automatically converting product or service prices to the local currency for customers worldwide. Your developer will set a baseline currency based on your business location, ensuring a seamless and localised experience for users around the globe. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience for a diverse customer base.

Promotion & Discount Codes

Promoting your way to success.

Adding advanced and complicated promotional codes has been simplified. Codes can be scheduled for a period, work with other promotions, and set conditions like minimum basket quantity or total value. Codes can auto-apply or require manual entry, and can be tailored to specific web user accounts.

Customer Gift Vouchers

Customised HTML vouchers.

Developers can create customised HTML gift vouchers for use on your website and POS system.

Once generated, customers can enter the voucher code at the online checkout or in-store on the POS system.


Process multiple orders at once.

Efficiently process multiple orders simultaneously with MOD Commerce. Our streamlined fulfilment process is designed to accelerate your business operations. The integration of the Linea Pro scanner automates the pick-and-pack procedure, minimising the risk of packing incorrect items.

Generate pick notes that include detailed product barcodes, warehouse location information, and even manufacturing notes for a comprehensive overview. Whether managing inventory or overseeing manufacturing processes, MOD Commerce ensures precision and speed at every step, enhancing the overall efficiency of your business operations.

Shipping API's & Delivery Tracking

Allow your customers to track their orders.

Optimise your Point of Sale dispatch process with MOD Commerce. Seamlessly integrate with your shipping/logistics partner through their "shipping" API, allowing our system to automatically input parcel and address details directly onto their manifest. This integration not only reduces redundancy but also saves you valuable time.

Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt communication. As soon as the goods are dispatched, the customer receives a confirmation email containing comprehensive tracking information. This transparent and automated system ensures a smooth and informed experience for your customers, elevating your overall service quality.

PO Generation

Automated product ordering.

Optimise your inventory management with MOD Commerce's intelligent system. By setting minimum and maximum levels, the platform automatically generates a list of products that need replenishment, complete with pre-defined order quantities.

When selecting a supplier, the system intelligently filters the list. A streamlined process follows, where MOD Commerce compiles a detailed PDF containing the required products, quantities, and expected purchase pricing. This PDF is then efficiently dispatched to the chosen supplier, facilitating a smooth and accurate ordering process.

By automating these steps, MOD Commerce enhances efficiency, reduces manual workload, and ensures that your inventory remains well-maintained, minimising stock-outs and optimising your supply chain.

PO Processing

Fast stock level and price changes.

MOD Commerce streamlines the post-receipt process, offering flexibility and accuracy. After physically receiving the goods, users can easily retrieve the Purchase Order (PO) within the system. At this stage, any necessary adjustments to the received quantities and purchase pricing can be effortlessly made.

Upon completion of these adjustments, the system seamlessly updates stock levels and pricing information automatically. This real-time synchronisation ensures that your inventory records accurately reflect the received quantities and associated costs. By automating these post-receipt updates, MOD Commerce enhances accuracy and efficiency in managing inventory and financial records.


Build customised reports easily.

MOD Commerce provides a comprehensive set of default reports, including Sales Report, Profit/Loss Report, Content Report, Amazon/eBay Report, and Marketing Email Report. For businesses with specific reporting needs, our platform allows developers with SQL expertise to generate custom reports tailored to your unique requirements.

The flexibility extends to data extraction, allowing information retrieval from the CMS database or external sources like Accounting Packages. If your external package features an API, our skilled developers can seamlessly integrate and harness its data to create the reports you need. This adaptability ensures that your reporting capabilities align precisely with your business objectives, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Accounting Package Integration

Posting sales data to your cloud accounting package.

Our platform offers seamless integration with popular accounting software, including Sage, Xero, and MYOB. This out-of-the-box compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient connection with your preferred accounting tools.

With the API sync feature enabled, MOD Commerce automates the generation of invoices in your accounting package. This integration extends to automatic reconciliation, incorporating payment reference information and merchant fees for accurate financial tracking.

The accounting sync operates on a flexible schedule, ranging from once a day to up to four times a day. This regular synchronisation ensures real-time accuracy and minimises manual intervention, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while maintaining up-to-date and precise financial records.

Accounting Package Integration

Posting sales data to your cloud accounting package.

Our platform seamlessly integrates with popular accounting software such as Sage, Xero, and MYOB, ensuring a smooth connection to your preferred tools.

With the API sync feature, MOD Commerce automates invoice generation in your accounting package. This extends to automatic reconciliation, including payment reference information and merchant fees for precise financial tracking.

The accounting sync operates on a flexible schedule, ranging from once a day to up to four times a day. This regular synchronization ensures real-time accuracy, minimizing manual efforts and allowing businesses to concentrate on core operations with up-to-date financial records.

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Our old system just couldn’t keep up. With MOD Commerce, we have everything we need in-store and online, all from a single place.


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