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Streamline in-store and on-the-road sales with MOD Desktop POS. This user-friendly Windows app integrates with EFTPOS, supports offline mode, and optimises operations. Elevate customer interactions, enhance efficiency, and deliver seamless shopping experiences across channels with our comprehensive POS solution.

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MOD Commerce point of sale system

Effortless Sales Integration

Effortless Sales Integration

Seamlessly integrate MOD POS with EFTPOS machines for smooth in-store and on-the-road transactions, even offline. Sales orders sync automatically upon reconnecting to the internet.

Efficient Order Management

Efficient Order Management

Generate sales orders or quotes, manage gift vouchers, and handle returns with automated stock level management, ensuring precision and efficiency.

Customer-Centric Solutions

Customer-Centric Solutions

Easily assign customers to orders by scanning a membership card or app, automatically applying discounts. The loyalty points program fosters customer engagement, allowing them to accumulate and redeem points for purchases.

Streamlined Purchase Ordering

Streamlined Purchase Ordering

MOD POS automates supplier advisories, generating purchase order PDFs sent directly via email. Upon arrival, stock levels update with a single click, saving time and effort.

Returns and Refunds


Quickly access past transactions with MOD POS by searching orders or scanning receipt barcodes. The system stores return and refund information against the original order, preventing duplicate refunds and ensuring efficient record-keeping.

Using touch screen technology, POS software has been developed for quick and easy in-shop sales and dispatch processing.

Designed to simplify retail and wholesale business processes.

Achieve sales in store with the Ngage point-of sale Windows Desktop that operates with a wide range of hardware solutions. The point-of-sale also operates offline, and will synchronise all transactions once an internet connection becomes available. Produce gift cards with many templates available.

MOD POS uses touch screen technology

Features That Streamline The Selling Process

Operates Offline

The POS system maintains functionality even in offline mode, allowing uninterrupted sales processing.

The payment process, involving scanning or entering product barcodes, doesn't require an internet connection. When internet services resume, the system automatically reconciles online and retail sales, ensuring accurate and up-to-date inventory status for all product lines. This seamless integration guarantees a smooth transition between offline and online sales operations.

In-Shop Sales & Receipt Printing

The MOD Commerce Windows Application Point-of-Sale (POS) solution seamlessly integrates with hardware POS terminals, receipt printers, and cash drawers, offering a comprehensive retail experience.

This application facilitates order building, payment processing, product searches, gift voucher generation, return processing, and order dispatch. Notably, it enables automatic terminal payments, eliminating the need to manually enter figures on Eftpos terminals. This feature streamlines transactions and enhances the efficiency of your retail operations.

Discount Management

Apply specific codes to store
discount programs.

MOD Commerce CMS simplifies the process of adding advanced and complex promotional codes. With this system, codes can be scheduled for specific periods and can seamlessly work in conjunction with other promotions.

You have the flexibility to set minimum basket quantity or total value requirements before a code is activated. Additionally, codes can be configured to auto-apply or require manual entry. Furthermore, you can apply codes to specific web user accounts, providing a tailored and versatile approach to promotions.

Create Branded Receipts for Purchases

Establish your brand and ease the return process.

Your business name, address, business logo, and contact details are easily configured in the CMS Settings and prominently displayed on receipts. 

For marketing purposes, the receipt allows customisation of a header and footer area. This feature empowers businesses to display offers, promotions, and other key information, enhancing the marketing and branding capabilities of the receipts.

Pick Orders

Simplify your warehouse operations with MOD Commerce. Pick notes can be printed with warehouse locations for efficient order fulfilment.

Leveraging the MOD Warehouse App, warehouse staff can seamlessly pick orders by scanning product barcodes and accessing product locations. The app ensures precision by only allowing the selection of items specified in the order, effectively minimising picking errors and enhancing overall operational accuracy.

Dispatch Orders

Streamline your order fulfilment process. Once orders are picked, they are automatically displayed on the MOD Commerce POS system for seamless dispatching.

During the dispatch process, multiple orders can be efficiently processed, and delivery tracking information can be added either automatically or manually based on your integrations. Automatic tracking integration seamlessly posts orders onto your preferred shipping provider's manifest, generating a tracking number and shipping label.

Upon completion of the dispatch process, you can easily print dispatch notes and delivery labels, ensuring a smooth and organised shipping workflow.

Streamlined Dispatch Process

Efficiently streamline your dispatch process.

The automatic tracking integration ensures orders are effortlessly posted onto your preferred shipping provider's manifest, generating both tracking numbers and shipping labels with ease.

Configure custom parcel sizes and weights to accurately calculate dimensions-based shipping rates.

Automated Label Printing

Automating the delivery process with results in significant cost savings. Through existing integrations with logistics providers such as Royal Mail (UK), UK-Mail, Australia Post, Star Track, ShipStation, and Toll Express, the platform facilitates automated cost calculation, shipping requests, and order tracking. If your current logistics provider has an API, MOD Commerce can seamlessly integrate, delivering tangible benefits to your business.

Carrier Rate Comparisons

Empower your customers by enabling them to view real-time rate quotes from multiple shipping carriers during the checkout process.

This feature provides transparency and choice, allowing customers to select their preferred shipping option based on accurate and up-to-date rate information.

Real-Time Shipping Calculation

Enhance your customers' shopping experience with real-time shipping calculations at both the website and point of sale checkout. This feature provides accurate shipping costs, offering transparency and convenience to customers during the checkout process.

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