MOD Commerce is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. If you provide MOD Commerce any personally identifiable information, be assured that it will only be used to assist your enquiry or ongoing contracted work between yourself and MOD Commerce.

There are five foundation principles of fair information; Awareness, Choice, Accuracy & Access, Security and Oversight. Our Privacy Policy seeks to address all five.


The MOD Commerce Privacy Policy is made available on the home pages of all owned and managed MOD Commerce websites. The Privacy Policy can be found on a link at the bottom of our homepage/s.

What do we collect?

Depending on the MOD Commerce website you visit, you may wish to make a contact request, request further information, request a demonstration or subscribe to an event or newsletter. The types of information collected will typically be name, contact information (mobile, email) and some preference information or detailed message.

Some MOD Commerce web pages use cookies, a data analysis technique.

How is the information used?

MOD Commerce uses the information you provide to better meet your needs, whether as a visitor of our company, contact or client. We may from time to time provide you with marketing information pertaining to something we feel may be of interest. We will however, always provide you with an Opt Out function.

Who is or might your information be shared with?

MOD Commerce will not sell, rent, or lease your personally identifiable information to others. We will only share your data if instructed by you or if we are required by law. Your personally identifiable information will only be shared with entities owned and managed by MOD Commerce. In the event a third party is used to facilitate work on your behalf through your relationship with MOD Commerce, that third party will use your data within the terms of this stated Privacy Policy.


MOD Commerce will not use or share the personally identifiable information provided to us online outside the parameters noted above. Should we seek to share the data outside of the parameters noted above we would seek your permission first.

Accuracy and Access

MOD Commerce will work to ensure your personally identifiable information is accurate. Where possible we will provide you with access to your registration data, so that you can update or correct as necessary. We will also work to ensure that your privacy and security are maintained by taking reasonable steps to verify your identify before providing full access and the ability to correct or update data.

Any links to third party websites on any of our websites are provided solely as a convenience to you the user. Once you follow one of these third party links you will have left the MOD Commerce owned and managed site to which we have no control. We recommend familiarising yourself with their Privacy Policy.


MOD Commerce is committed to ensuring the security of your information. We have policies and procedures that govern the physical and electronic management of your data. We always use encryption when collecting or transferring personally identifiable data.

The use of Cookies

MOD Commerce uses cookies to store data with regards to the number of times a web page might be viewed. This non-identifiable data allows us to better design the navigation and user-friendliness of our website/s.