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Outdated systems and complex workflows make it nearly impossible to deliver seamless, personalised experiences across all digital touchpoints. MOD Commerce CMS is a enterprise content management, analytics, and SEO optimisation solution that fuels connection, creativity, and exceptional experience.

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Efficiency in Scaling

With MOD Commerce CMS, scale content creation effortlessly. Manage up to 10,000 web pages across multiple sites, enabling the streamlined publication of high-quality content without concerns about duplicate penalties.

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Content Unification

Smartly publish high-quality content across multiple sites without duplicate content penalties. Manage up to 10,000 web pages effortlessly, unifying content across sites and channels seamlessly.

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Dynamic Digital Presence

Take control of your SEO, content publishing, and digital presence with MOD. Empower your team to create and optimise content at scale, driving more traffic and delivering exceptional digital experiences, all on a single, intelligent platform.

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Structured Data Supercharger

Elevate rankings and engagement by implementing structured data, schema, and micro-data seamlessly. MOD enhances content for search engines and voice assistants while generating rich product feeds for Google, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.

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Superior SEO

Maximise search visibility and traffic with automated sitemaps ensuring discoverability. Optimised error handling and redirects enhance user experience, driving superior SEO performance.

Hosted on your own server to allow the SMS to be customised to unique requirements for retailers

Hosted on MOD Cloud or your own server environment, allowing the CMS to be customised to your requirements.

Understanding what developers want

We are dedicated to improving the productivity of website development, content management, and online/retail business efficiency tools.That's why we've made building websites easy with a host of pre-built options which are all customisable.

Build your websites in MVC Core. All pre-built Visual Studio base projects are built to the W3C standards and support Bootstrap, our developer API to allow custom pages and widgets. The CMS automatically handles many SEO issues to produce high ranking content.

How to become a MOD Commerce Partner

We have representatives in Australia, United States of America, and the United Kingdom, enabling us to perform face to face meetings as and where possible. All other partner meetings will be performed online.

  1. Request our Parnter Program Pricing & SLA documentation.
  2. Request a hosted 1 on 1 demo so that we can discuss and show you areas of interest to you.
  3. MOD provides you with login to MOD CMS test environment.
  4. Sign a "Partner Agreement" and commence onboarding and training.

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MOD CMS is fully supported via email, chat functionality and phone

Support included for users as part of the monthly or annual licence fee.

MOD CMS is fully supported via email, chat functionality and phone. Our SLA states we respond to support emails within a 24-hour period although this is typically within 2 hours where possible.

Help Desk (Email Ticketing System)

MOD Commerce has its own integrated email ticketing system. Multiple email handling accounts can be set up and CMS user permissions can be set against each account.

Trusted by business owners all over the world

At our level, there’s a certain amount of customer service and experience that people expect when they’re spending that kind of money. With MOD Commerce, we are able to realize, match, and go beyond their expectations.


Our sales increased by 450% even while the world went through a pandemic. Working with MOD Commerce was the best thing we ever did.

Vee Udeshi, V SPORTS UK

Our old system just couldn’t keep up. With MOD Commerce, we have everything we need in-store and online, all from a single place.


There is a massive delta between what I as a business owner knows about SEO and what MOD Commerce can deliver. Since Using MOD Commerce, we’ve gone from being listed on Page 28 of Google to Page 1.


Pricing to fit your requirements

Each web solution is different. This product selector provides a general understanding of what your business needs and provide you with an estimated cost. For more detailed information please contact us.


Do More. Sell Faster.

MOD Commerce’s comprehensive suite allows business owners to transform their sales and streamline their growth from a single platform with solutions such as:

  • Simplified order fulfilment
  • Omnichannel in seconds
  • Simplified stock management
  • Personalised content sharing
  • Superior SEO capabilities


Do More Sell Faster