MOD Development Partnership

Explore the benefits of a MOD Development Partnership. Develop websites using MVC Core or leverage our Open API. Our pre-built Visual Studio base projects adhere to W3C standards, ensuring robust and compliant development.

The MOD CMS is meticulously designed for SEO, enabling content to achieve high rankings effortlessly. It efficiently addresses various SEO issues to produce content that performs exceptionally well in search engine rankings.

Choose the hosting solution that suits you best – whether on your infrastructure or on our MOD Azure Cloud. Partner with MOD for a seamless and optimized development experience.


  • SQL Server Database
  • Stored Procedure Connections
  • Cached Open API 
  • MVC Core Base Projects
  • Bootstrap Inegerated

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Grows with your business

MOD Commerce CMS meets your business where it is and lays the foundation for future growth. Our platform is intuitive and we pride ourselves on customer support to ensure optimal use of the platform.

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Powerful yet easy to use

Effortlessly manage and personalise your website without the steep learning curve. MOD Commerce is inherently intuitive.

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Connects teams and customers like never before 

Streamline communication between colleagues, customers, and partners, with real-time communication and comprehensive analytics.

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Streamlined workflow capabilities

Quickly upload products or change content without hassle or time waste – perfect for small businesses looking to save time while increasing productivity!

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Transformed online presence

MOD Commerce offers unparalleled opportunities for online growth, including built-in SEO services that transform your presence and reach.

Features that make developing a breeze


The extensive range of view controls have all been developed using the MOD OpenAPI. The API includes server side cached methods, reducing database calls.

Details on all the API methods will be made available once you’re ready to start developing.

A Visual Studio base project is available with a default MVC Core folder structure and includes all the required DLLs. All websites built using the API should be either a ASP.Net or MVC Core project to take advantage of the cached API.

Within the Visual Studio base project you can utilise the Drag and Drop toolkit. This allows anyone on your team to drag any MOD Commerce Control to your web project.

Details on all the pre-built server controls will be made available once you are ready to start developing.

Custom Layout Pages

These can be added to any website. This allows the CMS Editor to change Layout Pages per page at any time.

Custom Templates

Any type of Web Form or MVC template can be added. The CMS Editor can change page templates at any time. A template width is set in the CMS, to allow the Content Editor to mirror the website's template width.

Meta Items

Each page template has two fixed meta items: 'Meta Title' and 'Meta Description'. Further items of any type can be added, so for example: if you had an Events area on your Website, you could add 'Events.aspx' template and set required fields for 'Event Date' and 'Postcode'.

Font Types

By default each Website is provided with a set of font tags for the CMS Editor to use within the editor, consisting of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 and P. All of these can be added to or deleted.

CSS Styling

You can add specific style options for the CMS Editor to use within the editor, which will apply the styling to the wrapping tag. If no wrapping tag is present then a span tag will be added.

CSS Support

Each Website within the CMS allows you to add a CSS style sheet URL. This pulls the website styling into the editor, mirroring the styles from your website.


Widgets are a good way of giving content editors advanced features to utilise within the editor.

By default, we provide an extensive range of pre-built widgets. These are a .NET class file, developers can add custom widgets.

More information about developing widgets will be made available once you’re ready to start developing.

How to become a MOD Commerce Partner

We have representatives in Australia, United States of America, and the United Kingdom, enabling us to perform face to face meetings as and where possible. All other partner meetings will be performed online.

  1. Request our Parnter Program Pricing & SLA documentation.
  2. Request a hosted 1 on 1 demo so that we can discuss and show you areas of interest to you.
  3. MOD provides you with login to MOD CMS test environment.
  4. Sign a "Partner Agreement" and commence onboarding and training.

Book meeting now

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Support included for users as part of the monthly or annual licence fee.

MOD CMS is fully supported via email, chat functionality and phone. Our SLA states we respond to support emails within a 24-hour period although this is typically within 2 hours where possible.

Help Desk (Email Ticketing System)

MOD Commerce has its own integrated email ticketing system. Multiple email handling accounts can be set up and CMS user permissions can be set against each account.

Trusted by business owners all over the world

At our level, there’s a certain amount of customer service and experience that people expect when they’re spending that kind of money. With MOD Commerce, we are able to realize, match, and go beyond their expectations.


Our sales increased by 450% even while the world went through a pandemic. Working with MOD Commerce was the best thing we ever did.

Vee Udeshi, V SPORTS UK

Our old system just couldn’t keep up. With MOD Commerce, we have everything we need in-store and online, all from a single place.


There is a massive delta between what I as a business owner knows about SEO and what MOD Commerce can deliver. Since Using MOD Commerce, we’ve gone from being listed on Page 28 of Google to Page 1.


Pricing to fit your requirements

Each web solution is different. This product selector provides a general understanding of what your business needs and provide you with an estimated cost. For more detailed information please contact us.


Do More. Sell Faster.

MOD Commerce’s comprehensive suite allows business owners to transform their sales and streamline their growth from a single platform with solutions such as:

  • Simplified order fulfilment
  • Omnichannel in seconds
  • Simplified stock management
  • Personalised content sharing
  • Superior SEO capabilities


Do More Sell Faster

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