Streamlining Retail Excellence with
MOD Product Manager

Streamline product management and inventory control with MOD Product Manager. This robust Windows app eliminates manual data entry, enabling efficient operations tailored for businesses of all sizes. Elevate your product journey, overcome retail challenges, and revolutionise your organisation with our innovative solution.

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Streamlining Retail Excellence with MOD Product Manager

Effortless Handling of Large Datasets

Effortless Handling of Large Datasets

Print barcodes, manage, or import extensive product SKUs with ease. MOD Product Manager empowers you to navigate and control vast product datasets effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your operations.

Excel Integration for Precision

Excel Integration for Precision

Leverage the integrated Excel plug-in to minimise data entry errors and effortlessly input HTML content without the need for developer assistance. MOD Product Manager puts the power in your hands, making data management a seamless part of your routine.

Comprehensive Inventory Control

Comprehensive Inventory Control

Manage stock levels, set minimum and maximum replenishment thresholds, define trade pricing, offer pricing, and even automate or manually input discount codes. Tailor your offerings to specific customer segments, ensuring a personalised and compelling shopping experience.

Seamless Marketplace Management

Seamless Marketplace Management

Take charge of your presence on major marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. With MOD Product Manager, bulk managing your products across these platforms becomes a breeze, saving you valuable time and resources.

Trade-Focused Features

Trade-Focused Features

Identify and cater to your trade customers with ease. MOD Product Manager allows you to assign trade pricing, ensuring that when trade customers log in, they see tailored pricing that enhances their satisfaction and loyalty.

Features that optimise your product management processes helping your product team deliver unparalleled efficiency 

Centralised Product Data

Manage all product information, including details, pricing, descriptions, images, and variations, from a single centralised platform, ensuring consistency across multiple sales channels.

Bulk Product Upload/Download

Efficiently upload or download large quantities of product data using CSV files, minimising the time and effort required to manage extensive product catalogues.

Automated Inventory Synchronisation

Seamlessly synchronise inventory levels across various sales channels, such as your website, Amazon, and eBay, ensuring accurate stock information and preventing overselling.

Comprehensive Product Editing

Edit and update product details, shipping information, marketplace listings, images, SKU information, and content from a single intuitive interface, streamlining the process of maintaining accurate and up-to-date product data.

Real-time Product Data Management

View and manage current product data across all channels, including stock levels, pricing, and specifications, in real-time, ensuring timely updates and accurate information.


Amazon and ebay Integration

Effortlessly list your products on Amazon and eBay directly from MOD Product Manager, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry and streamlining your multi-channel selling process.

No need to re-upload product data or images, MOD Commerce handles all this for you.

Real-time Marketplace Synchronisation

Sales made on Amazon or eBay are automatically reflected in MOD Commerce CMS, ensuring accurate sales tracking and automatic adjustments to stock levels across all your sales channels.

Auto replenishment of stock levels when stock is received.

Customisable Marketplace Listings

Tailor your product listings for Amazon and eBay, including category selection, pricing, quantities, and listing durations, to optimise your sales performance on each platform.

SEO-Friendly Product Data

Enhance your website's search engine rankings by providing comprehensive and unique meta titles, meta descriptions, and product content for each SKU, ensuring optimal visibility and discoverability.

Image Management

Upload high-quality product images, MOD Commerce automatically resizes images for you and produces the latest file formats.

Set thumbnail images, and associate variations with specific images, creating visually appealing product listings that attract customers and improve conversion rates.

Detailed Product Specifications

Display detailed product specifications, related SKUs, and other relevant information to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of your products, fostering trust and confidence in their purchasing decisions.

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At our level, there’s a certain amount of customer service and experience that people expect when they’re spending that kind of money. With MOD Commerce, we are able to realize, match, and go beyond their expectations.


Our sales increased by 450% even while the world went through a pandemic. Working with MOD Commerce was the best thing we ever did.

Vee Udeshi, V SPORTS UK

Our old system just couldn’t keep up. With MOD Commerce, we have everything we need in-store and online, all from a single place.


There is a massive delta between what I as a business owner knows about SEO and what MOD Commerce can deliver. Since Using MOD Commerce, we’ve gone from being listed on Page 28 of Google to Page 1.


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MOD Commerce’s comprehensive suite allows business owners to transform their sales and streamline their growth from a single platform with solutions such as:

  • Simplified order fulfilment
  • Omnichannel in seconds
  • Simplified stock management
  • Personalised content sharing
  • Superior SEO capabilities


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