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MOD Warehouse App

The MOD Warehouse App is your comprehensive solution for efficient inventory management, designed to streamline and optimise your warehousing operations. Take control of your inventory, enhance productivity, and ensure a smooth order fulfilment process with this user-friendly app.

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MOD warehouse apps helps retailers gain maximum efficiency

Mobile Inventory Control

Mobile Inventory Control

Gain complete command of your inventory with seamless mobile scanning to add, edit and publish product details on the go.

Optimised Pick & Pack

Optimised Pick & Pack

Drive fulfilment efficiency with mobile pick & pack capabilities. Scan, sort and fulfil orders accurately all within the app.

Order Visibility

Order Visibility

Maintain constant visibility into inventory movement with real-time updates across your sales channels and instant alerts for new orders.

Efficiency Maximised

Efficiency Maximised

Put precision, productivity and mobility at the forefront of your warehouse operations with MOD Warehouse App, simplifying inventory management, optimising processes, and empowers your team to pick, pack and ship with ultimate efficiency.

Manage warehouse stock levels, pick and pack orders all in real-time, automatically updated for retail and wholesale POS systems.

Warehouse management in one location with endless capabilities.

Using the MOD Warehouse App warehouse staff can scan and manage incoming stock. When a new order is raised the app will list the SKU’s on the order marking each pick, ready for packing. Once orders have been picked via the MOD Warehouse App orders on the MOD Desktop POS are displayed ready for dispatching. During the dispatch process multiple orders can be processed and delivery tracking can be automatically or manually added depending on your integrations. Once the dispatch process is complete, dispatch notes and delivery labels can be printed.

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Key features of the MOD Commerce Warehouse App

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Multi-site Inventory Management

One Database Supporting Multiple Retail Outlets.

A “real time” count of inventory is important to retailers who also offer their products for sale online.

All sales made with the Desktop POS (individual or multiple retail outlets) sync instantly with the CMS database once the sale is processed. All online sales sync with the CMS database once a sale is recorded. The only time an accuracy issue will exist is if someone manually overrides an inventory record or the internet service is unavailable.

Shipping and Dispatch

Integrated with barcode reading technology.

MOD Commerce CMS provides a complete solution to manage the picking, labelling, manifesting and dispatch of goods. Our MOD Commerce Warehouse App allows your warehouse team to scan barcodes to pick, pack and print labels and delivery dockets using the app.

All shipping documentation, including pick slips and dispatch dockets, created by MOD Commerce CMS is customisable.

Barcode Scanning and Tracking

Integrated scanning solutions for retail and warehousing business processes.

The integration between the E-Commerce and POS modules are streamlined with the use of scanning technology. Coupled with the Ngage CMS Warehouse app, warehouse staff can receive stock, check/update inventory levels and dispatch products with barcode scanning technology.

Trusted by business owners all over the world

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MOD Commerce’s comprehensive suite allows business owners to transform their sales and streamline their growth from a single platform with solutions such as:

  • Simplified order fulfilment
  • Omnichannel in seconds
  • Simplified stock management
  • Personalised content sharing
  • Superior SEO capabilities


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