Driving the Future of Golf: Precision Golf's Transformation with Mod Commerce

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About Precision Golf

Precision Golf is an indoor centre for experienced golfers and game enthusiasts who enjoy the sport and want to improve their skills. The company features Australia's most extensive indoor TrackMan driving range, fitting, and lessons centre with comprehensive offerings for all members.

The company is also Australia's most technically advanced teaching and club fitting studio with Trackman software and other state-of-the-art technology. Their offerings include golf lessons, club fittings, online membership booking and access, in-house club purchasing, tailoring, and more. Whether you're looking to enhance your performance, amplify your skills, or service your gear, Precision Golf enables golfers to learn, have fun, and entertain.

Business Goals & Challenges

As a well-known trailblazer in their industry, the team at Precision Golf deals with a variety of different software for a variety of different services. With the rise of digital experiences integrated into in-store shopping, Precision Golf needed a P.O.S. system that could keep up and quickly access by members and staff alike. Equally important, they had a lengthy membership roster of hundreds of individuals within their current module that all needed access to online and in-store offerings.

Not only does training a team of customer service associates, sales reps, and technical support personnel require time, energy, and resources that could be better spent elsewhere, it becomes much more complex when they are expected to access multiple different services on multiple different platforms. To minimise confusion and simplify its processes, Precision Golf needed a single system that could do it all and do it well. 

Previously, Precision Golf ran its operations across multiple platforms, including WordPress, and bookings through Bookingbug while using Excel sheets for membership usage history. 

Finding a system that works best for their business environment while still being able to adapt to their specific needs was a top priority. As a successful business to open new stores, Precision Golf needed to prepare for its growth and catalyse it. Highly ambitious, the team at Precision Golf wanted to open what would become the most extensive indoor driving range in the world; they only needed a system that was as complete and comprehensive as their plans. 

Plan of Action | Solution 

Precision Golf's current systems were scattered. They were using multiple platforms, and website hosting, bookings, membership and usage history were all accessed in different, outdated places. Not only was this slowing down their current operation, but it was preventing their potential expansion into new stores. 

With their specific needs in mind, the company partnered with Mod Commerce five years ago to improve efficiency and overcome growth obstacles. The goal was to create a robust hardware and software foundation so the company could grow strategically. The team created a customised workflow tailored to all of Precision Golf's offerings and integrated in-store and online software to encompass the following:

  • E-Commerce Website
  • Point of Sale
  • Product Manager
  • Shipping Label and Tracking
  • Marketing Emails and SMS
  • Membership Module with Customer Membership App
  • Integrated Golf Ball Machine Module
  • Take My Bookings
  • Email Hosting
  • Hardware and Software integration

With a unified system with everything they needed in one place, Precision Golf could shift its focus from 'making it work' to 'making it grow.' 

Mod Commerce allowed us to come in as a small business and grow with us

A One-stop Shop for All Business Needs

As a primarily in-store business that had yet to work much with e-commerce, Mod Commerce enabled Precision Golf to create a whole new golfing experience for their customers while supporting them in every way they could during the transition to digital sales. 

The team at Mod Commerce are accommodating of our needs. We could not be happier to partner with Mod Commerce, who went above and beyond to meet our growing needs - designing and implementing a total solution, from hardware to software, to drive optimal efficiency and customer experience as we open new stores.

Mod Commerce's custom integration allows members to dispense golf balls by scanning their membership app, book simulators and lessons, and use online payments without staff interaction right from the palm of their hand. With an all-in-one platform that is easy to use and quick to adapt, the staff can provide members with enhanced customer service while members can enjoy a high-end process and seamless experience. 

Results: High-end, High-value, High Potential

Since implementing Mod Commerce, Precision Golf has benefited from a simplified workflow, streamlined logistics, and improved communication. They have successfully opened a new store that breaks records for its size and scope of service. 

At our level, people expect a certain amount of customer service and experience when spending that kind of money. With Mod Commerce, we can realise, match, and go beyond their expectations.

Membership App Precision Golf

Mod Commerce has helped the team at Precision Golf triple their membership module from 0 to 500, with the opening of their new location expecting to hit 1500+ members. The membership app and ease of booking have helped Precision Golf expand and open new revenue streams without having to do more work or hire more employees to handle the increase in business. Whether it be a member or employee, their unique app allowed them to save time and energy to be more efficient and provide a smooth, pleasant experience at every step. Their new store features a Mod Commerce-enabled all-in-one solution between hardware and software, allowing for one seamless experience from beginning to end. Now, printers, scanners, and payment processors easily integrate into membership records, sales, and financials. 

Customers now expect to find what they need quickly and easily with minimal effort from them on the front end. At Precision Golf, this means providing customers access to different sales systems and comprehensive product information so they can make an informed decision about their purchase before committing to it. It makes the customer experience completely hassle-free, with the ability to use a golf ball machine simply by scanning their membership app.