Revolutionising the Wholesale Experience through Unified Retail Solutions

Warehouse Savoy Salon Supplies

About Savoy Salon Supplies

Savoy Salon Supplies is a wholesale supplier of salon supplies. They work alongside hairdressers that provide them with product insight and feedback. Previously head of an Australian hair care company, Michael Gabriel purchased Savoy Salon Supplies to get involved in the wholesale business. For the past 15 months, they have been on a mission to streamline and modernise their brand.

With both industry and professional expertise, Savoy Salon Supplies had great potential to expand into the e-commerce space, with even greater potential for traffic and success. 

Business Goals & Challenges

Previously, Savoy’s used Shopify for their online store. In store, the team used Attache accounting software for in-store sales and analytics. However, this combination involved tedious, manual inventory tracking. Additionally, a simple search took an extremely long time, making reporting and reconciliation an arduous task. In the words of Michael Gabriel, the previous system simply “couldn’t keep up,” and was hard to use for store employees. 
As their operation set out to expand, they knew they needed a digital solution that aligned with their vision. The biggest challenge for Savoy Salon Supplies was to transition their existing workflow into a more modern system in order to grow more efficiently. They needed a product that was affordable, scalable, and reliable and were determined to find a software that stood up to the test. Above all, Savoy needed a solution that could allow them to process, organise, and view their online and in-store sales from one comprehensive solution. 

As their need for online sales grew, so did their need for a formidable retail system. With a current workflow that was tedious, slow, and manual, they were determined to find a more advanced software to upgrade to.

In order to manage a growing customer base and an increase in online orders, Savoy Salon Supplies wanted something that could boost their visibility and keep up with growing demands.

Plan of Action | Solution 

After evaluating their current system, Savoy Salon Supplies realised they needed a more comprehensive solution. One that could manage both the online and physical store location, customise orders and customer membership options, and toggle between in-house prices and wholesale prices. After thorough research, Michael Gabriel came across MOD Commerce and it all became clear. In order to grow their business, they needed to modernise they couldn’t afford to have a system that can’t keep up.

With the goal of growing and updating in mind, Michael decided to work with MOD Commerce, stating “we were keen to start right away, the team at MOD Commerce was really hands-on and responsive.” Together, they formulated a plan to drive sales and increase visibility, implementing MOD Commerce software that included: 

  • E-Commerce Website
  • Point of Sale
  • Product Manager
  • Shipping Label and Tracking
  • Membership Module with Customer Membership App
  • Warehouse Scanner App
  • Email Hosting

Everything you need in-store and online, all in one: A full-service software with everything you need to succeed

Warehouse App Savoy Salon Supplies

With over 6000 products and 200+ brands, Savoy Salon Supplies needed a system for both on and offline use where they could easily manage and update changes.

Their operation also required using a warehouse scanner app and Google shopping synchronization to integrate seamlessly into an online marketplace.

MOD Commerce provided everything we needed in-store and online, all in one place.

A modern system meant new and exciting opportunities for the wholesaler. Now they could manage thousands of products and hundreds of brands with just a few clicks, without confusion or frustration.

Results: More Visibility, Massive Improvements

After implementing MOD Commerce software, Savoy Salon Supplies was able to streamline its entire operation while making the necessary upgrades to survive in a modern marketplace. 

Since working with MOD Commerce, visibility has increased both in and out of the store, opening up their entire business to new possibilities. Along with technical improvements within the retail process, Savoy Salon Supplies has increased its overall growth through the ease and efficacy of the platform.

MOD Commerce makes shopping simple, allowing the wholesaler to view stock levels, and invoicing online, as well as customise the entire system to their individual needs. 

With the help of MOD Commerce, Savoy Salon Supplies was able to optimise its retail process, while staying up-to-date in an ever-evolving world. Gabriel confesses, “it was a bit hard to make the transition, but we trusted that it would work out.” Even without being tech-savvy, MOD Commerce allowed the brand to assimilate harmoniously into the online retail space. 

Driving Sales with Unified Retail

When Savoy Salon Supplies first began to implement MOD Commerce software, they were only looking for in-store functionality. However, after working alongside the team at MOD Commerce, they have been introduced to an entirely new world of commerce that has changed the way they do business.  

Within the MOD Commerce ecosystem, Savoy Salon Supplies were able to add new sales channels as well as integrate existing ones, increasing visibility and productivity. For the past 15 months, they have been able to grow as a business in an effective and affordable way, all with the help of MOD Commerce.