Navigating the Competitive Landscape through Strategic SEO and Digital Transformation

Strata Collective

About Strata Collective

Strata Collective is a next-generation property management company based in Sydney. Their team of experts invests in technology to put information in the hands of their respective strata committees. They provide immense value and exceptional service to clients that want a close, personal relationship with their Strata Manager built on mutual trust and meaningful connection.  

Since their start, Strata Collective has been on a mission to add value to the properties of all owners while treating each client as a unique strata with unique challenges. This objective can be readily seen through their personalised offerings that perfectly match their services to the specific requirements of each and every client. 

Business Goals & Challenges

As a small, boutique business with only nine team members and one location, Strata knew they needed to expand their marketplace and create leads in order to sell, especially in their competitive market. They approached this desire for expansion and evolution with one simple goal: to improve their Google search ranking.

With this vision in mind, they knew they needed effective SEO but didn’t know where to look or how to begin, referencing an email inbox “crowded with SEO offerings” as they struggled to find a service that fit.

Their existing SEO platform was inadequate with “high costs [and] no results,” even with monthly check-in meetings. After months of overspending on a service that reaped no rewards for Strata Collective or their prospective clients, the search for SEO seemed bleak. As an award-winning collective with great value to offer, optimising their search results in a crowded marketplace to help them connect with property owners was essential.

Plan of Action | Solution 

With a heavy reliance on digital communication, Strata Collective needed a service that could put them on the map-more specifically, the front page of Google. After months of struggling with an SEO platform that simply didn’t get results, Strata Collective was referred to MOD Commerce through a mutual contact. Initially, they were intrigued by the various services MOD Commerce had to offer and got right to work using the platform for:

  • SEO
  • Website Hosting
  • Content Writing

MOD Commerce was able to bring clarity and support to Strata Collective as they began to ideate a plan that would optimise their Google search, accelerate web traffic, and form a strategy around their goals. From there, MOD Commerce took an extremely straightforward, standardised approach that would help the team increase sales and eliminate the risk of future challenges.

Improving SEO with Ease and Accessibility 

Throughout the process, MOD Commerce was able to provide Strata Collective with exceptional customer service that was clear, direct, and to the point a fresh breath of air from their previous system.

“[There was a] massive delta between what I know and what MOD Commerce can deliver.”

As a company that heavily relies on communication and personal relationships, a lot of trust was involved throughout the process. MOD Commerce made it easy to avoid obstacles and create a compelling SEO strategy that would open up new opportunities and conversations for Strata Collective.  

The MOD Commerce Content Management System (CMS) comes with built-in SEO features that work in the background to tell the search engines exactly what they need to know to boost rankings and help reach relevant audiences. The team at Strata appreciated that these techniques could run in the background without too much involvement from their team. 

An Awesome Product that Delivers Awesome Results

For the past two years, Strata Collective has been successfully working with MOD Commerce to completely transform their process. MOD Commerce has proven its SEO capability with generated content that consistently comes out on top. Since using MOD Commerce Software the Strata Collective website has gone from being listed on page 28 of Google to page 1 an impressive jump that has helped expedite business growth in a plethora of ways. 

The SEO services MOD Commerce has provided have not only managed to expand the reach of Strata Collective but have increased overall sales as well, connecting potential clients to their website more precisely and effectively.  

The MOD Commerce content writing and web hosting services have helped Strata Collective create an engaging narrative that resonates with partners and users alike. With the help of the MOD Commerce team’s dedicated customer service and the Platform, Strata Collective has fulfilled their existing SEO goals and been able to create new, increasingly ambitious ones. 

Raising the Standard of SEO

The Strata Collective deeply values personal relationships, effective communication, and transparency which is something they look for in their services and partnerships and have found within MOD Commerce. 

Before implementing MOD Commerce SEO services, Strata Collective was using a generic platform they described as a “waste of money” with no results and little progress. After cutting through the noise of forgettable platforms that were overpriced and ineffective, they put great trust in MOD Commerce platform and it certainly didn’t disappoint with increased sales, optimised search results, and greater reach to show for it.