How MOD Commerce Fueled Explosive Growth for the World's Largest Indoor Golf Center

Precision Golf has earned global renown as Australia’s premier golf entertainment destination for seasoned players and enthusiasts alike seeking luxury facilities, technology, and coaching to hone their game indoors.

However, managing operations across various disjointed systems created friction during rapid expansion plans after garnering over 500 members right after their initial launch.

With ambitious visions to become the largest indoor golf facility in the entire world, co-founders Nick Tsiorvas and Con Tambakis evaluated commerce solutions that could consolidate critical systems to match their bold omnichannel growth roadmap.

Fragmented Systems Restricting Potential

Although starting with only a website and basic booking system in place initially, Precision Golf soon incorporated enhanced membership management, expanded their physical retail footprint, added advanced TrackMan simulator bays, instituted hardware integrations between sensor systems and Point-of-Sale, partnered with leading golf equipment brands like Titleist and TaylorMade for fittings - continually enhancing their premium indoor golfing attraction.

However the proliferation of systems soon became unwieldy, requiring significant manual coordination. Customer experiences weren’t consistent across channels, retail margins were pressured through inefficient processes. Legacy infrastructure couldn’t keep pace with the innovation vision by the leadership team.

Breaking Barriers with a Comprehensive Solution

Amidst these challenges, Precision Golf found a strategic ally in MOD Commerce. Recognising the financial barriers hindering the adoption of their cutting-edge Unified Commerce Platform, MOD Commerce went beyond conventional solutions. They offered Precision Golf a unique Managed Service Solution, seamlessly integrating hardware, software, and services through a flexible leasing agreement via MOD Commerce’s financial partner. 

This innovative approach not only allowed Precision Golf to overcome financial obstacles but also provided them with a tax-optimised incentive, making the transition to a modern commerce infrastructure even more compelling.

Unified Modern Commerce Fixing Challenged Customer Journeys

MOD Commerce presented a way forward through their Unified Commerce Platform - synthesising all of Precision Golf’s web, mobile, point-of sale, booking systems and hardware networks into one streamlined stack governed by intelligent automation.

The partnership aimed to connect data across all systems to enable seamless experiences across online and physical store presences through new member apps consolidating access to all services and inventory via personal profiles.

Empowered with robust unified capabilities, the Precision Golf leadership could focus efforts on accelerating multi-site expansion and launching differentiated engagement channels rather than losing cycles to managing complex technology plumbing.

Results 5 Years Later: 500% Membership Growth
Fast forward to today, Precision Golf boasts over 1500+ members across locations in Sydney and Melbourne - a staggering 500% growth in under just 3 years after partnering with MOD Commerce to overhaul and consolidate core retail capabilities.

Powered by automated workflows spanning digital and in-store processes, the member mobile app provides frictionless access to:

  • Book coaching sessions, simulator bays or club fittings
  • Seamlessly make payments using stored payment methods
  • Scan to access clubhouses, dispense range golf balls
  • Earn and track loyalty points redeemable for add-ons
  • Receive personalised merchandise and event recommendations based on play data
  • Members enjoy consistency between self-service digital convenience and high-touch physical service - boosting engagement and share of wallet. Data connected enterprise-wide provides staff contextual member insights to enhance interactions.

Accelerating Towards Global Pre-eminence

The 120 bay flagship Sydney facility pushes boundaries as the largest indoor golf club globally showcasing luxury hospitality. Exposure during high profile international golf events hosted here keeps growing the brand. Yet the commerce engine hums smoothly keeping up with rapid expansions and member additions week to week.

Ongoing partnerships with leading equipment labels like Titleist and TaylorMade leverages Precision Golf as the ultimate modern golf retail and entertainment destination where technology marries exceptional human coaching.

Every dimension of the member lifestyle gets elevated - whether tuning gear for peak performance via custom fittings, honing skills through advanced lessons or seamlessly scheduling simulator rounds for casual entertainment with friends over craft beverages and fare.

Next up, Precision Golf aims to anchor the ranking as the outright global #1 modern golf and lifestyle brand through aggressive international footprint growth fueled by further digital channel innovations - all made possible by the scalable modular commerce platform built in partnership with MOD Commerce.

Catalyse Your Success with MOD Commerce

Precision Golf's transformative journey with MOD Commerce stands as a testament to the power of unified modern commerce in propelling ambitious visions to reality. The exponential 500% membership growth achieved within three years showcases the immense impact of streamlining operations and consolidating core retail capabilities. 

If you aspire to elevate your business to new heights, experience consistent customer journeys, and achieve rapid growth, we invite you to discover the potential of MOD Commerce. Book a personalised demo today and explore how our Unified Commerce Platform can empower your business to do more, sell faster, and create a seamless experience for your customers across all channels. Let us be your partner in realising your bold aspirations and accelerating towards unparalleled success.

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